February 5, 2023


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Bookmaker’s office does not pay: what to do?

Imagine the situation: you have been betting regularly. One day you go to the bookmaker’s site and notice the good odds, so without thinking you enter the amount and wait.

The bet was successful, and you think how to spend your winnings. However, it turns out that the bookmaker refuses to pay. Or goes further and orders you to return the money you transferred to your bank account. Can bookmakers behave this way or do they take advantage of the player’s illiteracy? Melbet India official website behaves honestly.


Bookmaker acts by his own rules

The case can be compared to the situation involving discrepancies in the prices of goods in supermarkets. Almost every customer knows that he is bound by the price listed next to the product – even if it turns out at the cash register that the product is more expensive. In case of discrepancies or doubts about the price of the goods or services offered, the consumer has the right to demand that the goods or services be sold at the most favorable price for him.

If bookmaker odds are considered a product, then the above pattern should also apply to bookmakers. The difference is that this time the client will prefer higher rather than lower odds. But there is no chance of that happening. The specifics of the betting business, the dynamics and volatility of the offer mean that bookmakers are bound by their own rules, and the above rules do not apply to them.

In reality, the bookie is always right. Rarely is a player able to tip the scales in his favor. The bookmaker’s staff watches over the correctness of all the CF, even in overturned contests. Most attempts to outsmart it and count on luck are doomed to fail, and players will always be at a loss against companies with strong legal experience. So if you see suspiciously high and favorable odds, it is better to keep looking.


Trouble with a bookie

Any bookmaker will gladly accept money from you. Next, you enter dangerous territory, as your account balance is determined by conditions imposed by the bookie. 


Bookmaker selection criteria

There are two main criteria that are used to evaluate the reliability of a bookmaker:

  • reliability rating;
  • jurisdiction.

The most common cause of a player’s dispute with a bookmaker:

  • Unfair, rigged or biased play.
  • Betting disputes.
  • Identity disputes.
  • Technical failures.
  • Bad customer service.
  • Unfair gaming rules, terms or requirements for bonuses.
  • Unfair player account closure.
  • drawal of balance.
  • Trouble gambling.
  • Cancelled bets.

The problem is that the amount in dispute may be too small for the court to accept. 


Trouble with a foreign bookmaker

The situation with a foreign bookmaker is complicated, and the player often has a worse position. The place of dispute is the country in which the bookmaker is licensed. Foreign bookmakers are often registered in Curacao or Malta. No one will waste time and money trying to sue such a bookmaker abroad. The amount would have to be very, very big for it to make any sense.


Bookmaker withdrawal problem

The speed of withdrawal depends on the bookmaker, the withdrawal method and the amount withdrawn. The first withdrawal always involves account verification. The time you should expect to receive your funds should be specified on the website.

To make withdrawals take less time, contact the bookmaker by mail. If he doesn’t respond, remind yourself in chat or over the phone. This often speeds up the payout process.

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