February 5, 2023


Все о беттинге / All about betting

Bookmaker’s companies from A to Z

We live in a time when sports betting has become popular. But it can be difficult to enter this world and find a company that fits your individual needs perfectly. After all, all legal bookmakers offer a lot, both in terms of their core offerings. Let’s try to help you make the right decision by presenting everything you need to know about the bookmakers themselves.


legal bookmakers

The betting market has been open to bookmakers from outside the country for some time. They are practically unrestricted, they can do business legally, without serious requirements. Later, a number of gambling laws were passed, which made further operation impossible. Even the best bookmakers must obtain a special license to do business.

Legal bookmakers were further separated from those who worked without a license. A register of banned domains was introduced, which included all the more popular bookmakers without a license. Their Internet addresses became inaccessible to anyone.

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How to recognize a legal bookmaker?

The fact that a BK has a license does not say much when we are standing in front of a certain bookmaker’s website. The betting shops with a license look exactly the same as their competitors without a license. However, there are a few things that differentiate them from them. These include:

  • availability and display of the license number – they are required to publish the license number on their websites. Usually it can be found in the footer, less often in the “Rules” section;
  • no offer casino services – even the best bookmakers have to respect the monopoly of the Polish state to provide casino services, which are so popular among foreign operators. Recently, bookmakers allow betting on simulated card games. This is legal, as it does not involve actually playing the games known from casinos, but only betting on their simulators conducted by professional dealers;
  • Offering a legal way to pay out;
  • tax game. Legal bookmakers are those who pay taxes in our country. Therefore, if we are dealing with an entity that does not require it and provides higher winnings, it does not act in accordance with the law.

Important: In case of doubt, you can always find a complete list of bookmakers, which currently operate in accordance with the law.


Other types of bookmakers you may encounter

Although currently only legal bookmakers with a license can run a legitimate business, companies without a license are constantly trying to break through with their offerings. They usually use all sorts of website mirrors to get around the blocking of their Internet addresses and conduct marketing campaigns through mailing lists. 

They encourage to play in their offices because of the prospect of not paying taxes and high winnings. Often they offer slightly better odds and more options for withdrawals. But this exposes you to legal and financial consequences. Moreover, withdrawal may not be possible.


How often should you deposit money in a bookmaker’s office?

It all depends on the budget you have. It’s important to manage it with some restraint. Even the best companies encourage moderation, warning that gambling (on which to bet) is addictive.


Do bookmakers have the right to require scans or photos of identification?

This right is granted by the government. In light of the law, bookmakers must verify the score in a non-negotiable manner. While this is easy to do in fixed locations, in online services they have to identify you in some way. Hence this requirement.

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