February 5, 2023


Все о беттинге / All about betting

Types of sports betting

This article is for those who are taking their first steps in the world of sports betting and want to know which ones are popular among players.


Event Betting

If you’re a beginner at betting, things will seem complicated at first, but that’s an illusion. It will take you some time to get used to betting on Melbet, but once you do, the strange sounding cuts will cease to be a mystery.

Betting is based on the fact that you predict the outcome of a sports match for which the bookmakers have prepared odds. Then you choose a bet and create a form. Then just expect to win. The main factor on which the odds depend is the probability of winning – either the team or the player.

Today, the bulk of bookmakers offer online betting. However, if you like the classic method, you can safely bet from conventional outlets.


Simple, combined and system bets

The most popular and also the simplest type is the single bet. You bet on the outcome, and if the prediction is correct, you win. Your winnings are the result of multiplying the betting odds and the amount bet.

Combined bet consists of two or more events. The combined odds are the result of multiplying all odds of single events. By making such a bet, you can win more.


Match and Live Betting

Every bettor has preferences. Those who appreciate excitement, fast pace and frequent changes of focus will undoubtedly choose Live betting. There is no denying that live betting is the essence of betting…



In the betting site it looks like this, but 1 will mean a win for the first team or player, X obviously a draw, and 2 just a win for the second team. You may also come across the term “house draws.” If you encounter the term 12, it means that you only have two options. Usually this type of betting can be found at events where a draw is not possible.


Double Chance

Predicts two out of three possible outcomes: Team 1 to win, Team 2 to win, or a draw. This type of betting has a couple of variations. You bet, for example, on 1x, x2 or 12.



A safer option compared to the usual 1×2. You can bet on: number of goals, points or games. There are really a lot of possibilities here. Works well when it comes to betting on soccer events.



This is a system where you add points or goals to a team’s score.


Accurate score

This is something that bookmakers are very fond of. As you may have guessed, it involves betting on exactly how many goals or points the team involved in the game will score. This method of betting is especially popular among soccer bettors. Of course, predicting the exact outcome of a match is not the easiest task, so the KF in this situation is usually high. If you decide to play this way, you can win quite a lot with a relatively small amount of money. There is one condition: your bet must be one hundred percent correct.


What types of bets are most effective?

The type of bet you choose is also important. Will it be a single, or maybe a combination? Remember that a basic component of success in sports betting is also the ability to manage money and accumulate knowledge about sports. So study analysis and statistics.

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