February 5, 2023


Все о беттинге / All about betting

Types of players in betting companies

Bookmakers segment players based on how profitable they are. This makes it easier to predict if they will profit from a customer in the future and how big the profit can be. It’s worth knowing how the bookie sees you, because that will determine how you will be treated. 

It is no secret that bookmakers monitor gambling and customer behavior. Every bookmaker has a selection system. Assignments to the selected categories are made by the staff of the office in order to maximize long-term profits. 


Regular player (normal)

The new player gets the status of a regular player if the data collected by the bookmaker (gender, nationality, IP-address, etc.) does not suggest otherwise. Such a player receives a “base bet limit” at the start.

The average player often bets with bookmakers that do not have the highest odds on the market. As a result, he loses money in the long run, even though he receives bonuses.

Ordinary players are often considered athletes, bettors who bet on various sports.


Smart Player

A smart player is a professional player who uses various techniques to achieve high-yield results, who manages his bankroll well, keeps his emotions in check and bets medium or high. Smart players have lower limits, and their size depends on their betting system and the cost of payback.



VIP Player (Very Important Person) is an amateur player who plays with large amounts of money and is at a big loss because he does not use advanced tools. This is the most desirable type of customer, so VIPs can enjoy various privileges (special promotions, cash bonuses, material bonuses, higher betting limits, etc.). 

Bonus offender

A bonus abuser (also known as a bonus hunter) is a player who opens a new account to get a welcome bonus, and his activity usually ends there.

From the bookmaker’s point of view, such users are unprofitable and not loyal. Any detected abuse of this kind is unequivocally condemned by bookmakers.


Woman player

A female player in a bookmaker’s office is considered “suspicious” from the beginning due to the fact that the actual number of female bettors is no more than 4%. Usually they are not run by women. From the bookmaker’s point of view it would look the same. 

Inexperienced players create accounts for their girlfriends or brides. In case of a phone check, the bookmaker will easily show the surprised girl that the registered person is not the one who really uses the account. As a result, he will block such an account and confiscate the player’s funds.

Women bettors should be aware that they are in the minority and are treated unequally because of their gender. However, if they are the real owners of the account and are betting as they see fit, then there is nothing to fear.”



Syndicate is a type of bookmaker players who work in close consultation with other smart players. It is usually a group of players who collaborate through closed forums and have valuable information that they share with other users.


A cheater is a player who takes advantage of technical flaws. These are players from an undesirable category.

Bookmakers divide customers into categories for financial reasons. Thus, the established types of players in a bookmaker’s office are treated differently. Unwanted customers are limited. Desirable customers can expect an increase in the betting limit, additional bonuses, promotions and special wishes.

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