February 5, 2023


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Limitations on bookmaker bets

First you have to understand that bookies don’t like successful players. It’s not that they pull their hair out every time a bookie wins money, it’s that it happens too often. After a series of winning bets, the bookie may take drastic steps and decide to “restrict” or even block that player’s account. The bookmaker may suspect fraudulent play and then impose a limit or block the account. This is clearly spelled out in the regulations, so theoretically the player is informed about this possibility.


What is a limit?

This is the maximum amount a player can bet. Bookmakers act in this way to secure their finances. They minimize the risk of high costs associated with the payment of high winnings to the players. As a rule, the limits for live bets are higher than for pre-match bets.


Types of bookmaker limitations

There are two types of limitations in this industry:

  • Global – then for each player. Covers one or more events. If bookmakers are allowed to bet too high, they may expose themselves to the risk of losing. The high winnings paid out to players cannot be balanced by the betting income, and sooner or later the bookmaker’s office may go bankrupt.
  • The individual limit on the user is imposed by the bookmaker, who often records big wins. Here the bookmaker acts according to its own rules. This type of limit is focused on individual successful players. Bookmakers don’t like players who withdraw money from their account, but they love those who deposit it. There is no predetermined amount of winnings that guarantees a limit. It depends on the bookmaker and the specific case.

It is not true that a bookmaker can impose restrictions on a player too often. He makes money from it, so it is not in his interest to hinder users. 


Bookmaker limitations

From the bookmaker’s point of view, imposing limits is a necessary process to maximize profits and minimize losses. If you are a successful player and make money at the bookmaker’s expense, then you are a person who should be excluded from this scheme. It should be noted here that there are different types of bookmakers on the market. From those that are limited to those that have a more flexible approach to winnings. Bookmakers choose one of the following solutions:

  • Player account closure – you usually get an email with a number of reasons, such as incomplete verification, suspected use of illegal software, bonus hunting, arbitrage, money laundering and even match-fixing. This is an excuse for the betting company that needs it to block the player’s account. Wanting to avoid legal repercussions, the email will contain an allegedly broken rule to restrict or close the account, including preventing withdrawals from the account.
  • Betting limits are one of the most common tactics. 

Bookmakers try to minimize their losses. If you regularly make a profit, then, colloquially speaking, you may be a “target” of the risk/client segmentation department, and the bookmaker will set limits. However, there are different ways to deal with limits depending on which bookmaker you are betting with. 

Reliable bookmakers are fairer to players and do not want to lose their reputation, so they will let you withdraw money before you receive information that your account will be blocked. Small companies that do not have a permanent presence in the market will find a reason to close a player’s account and confiscate his winnings.

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